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Hi, thanks for visiting this blog. We made this blog because We want to share love, joy, and laughter to all in need. We love to serve and help you, especially children and adolescent, to find the purpose of your life. We are friends of the little ones. I like to be around them, share HIS love, joy, laughter and faith to them. It's extremely excited to be with the little one. I'm married to Merry Yohana, the most important and precious person in my life. She serves as an excellent home maker, as I serve as a social worker for Children and families in needs. I got my master of counseling from Psychology Counseling Departement of SEABS (2009) specialize in child Therapy. I learn Child Development from Holistic Child Development Institute, Malaysia (2013). Now I am finishing my Doctor of Education in Child and Family Development at AGST Singapore. God has entrusted us with 2 amazing sons Benaiah and Joshaviah and 2 daughters Helen and (late) Harriett We are remembering Harriett Elizabeth Tejalaksana, who went to be with the Lord on June, 27. 2015. We love you Harriett, but God loves you the most. God is so good to all of us.

My Joyful Baby - a bunch of prayers for your coming to the FAMILY

Friday, February 26, 2010

Compassion for West Sumatera's Earthquake - part 1

God is walking around the world to tell all people that God still cares and loves the world. One day when I was walking along the road in Surabaya (Indonesia), God put HIS word, John 3:16 in my mind. "for God so loved the world, that He gave HIS only and begotten Son, so whoever believe in HIM should not be perish, but will have everlasting life". The verse sounded in my heart over and over. I could feel my heart was warmed by the love of CHRIST. God knew that I was thinking about doing something for my country. At the time, the end of September 2009, I heard from the TV news that an earthquake had just happened at West Sumatera. 

My tears fell down when I prayed for the victims.  On the TV, I saw 4 children crying and telling the reporter that their parents passed away. My heart was overwhelmed with God's love. I wanted to go and share the love of Christ. Everyday I prayed that God would allow me to go to West Sumatera and share HIS love among the children. It seemed impossible because I had to work and It was hard for me to take my break because there were so many things to do at my work place. But God spoke so clear that I ought to go. For 2 weeks, God spoke so much about HIS compassionate heart. At night, I couldn't sleep, thinking the opportunity to go to West Sumatera. God did listen to my prayers and the desires of my heart for the people. On HIS wonderful time, He allowed me to go to West Sumatera.

            God prepared partners from around Indonesia. I went to West Sumatera with one of my bestfriends. When I arrived, I met friends from Aceh, Medan, Jakarta, and even friends from US. We have the same heart for the little ones there. I clowned around some villages and cities. I went to spread joy, love, and faith in the simple ways. I was so excited to see them laugh, shout, and sing happily. It’s so wonderful to have a great chance to share HIS love. I was clowning, art-ballooning, doing some magic tricks, sharing toys and healthy snacks for all kids. I went to a remote area called Pariaman. Pariaman suffers a serious damage. Most of the dead victims in this province came from this place. When we visited the children at their shelters, we could see how the earthquake broke their heart. We could see the empty eyes. I felt so sad when I saw that kind of heart. When we started our clown ministry, God started to open ways to reach their sadness. The verse “For God so loved the world…. came unto my heart that time. “For God so loved these children, that He still sends HIS hands to hold the little ones’ hands”. My heart was so overwhelmed with God’s love when we shared some inspiring stories through ballooning, made them laugh when we started to make jokes, became fool for the kingdom of Christ. It was so wonderful to see them smile and laugh again. Let’s spread the love, joy, and faith to more people to all. We don’t need any wonderful skills to do it. We just need a clear heart, a loving heart, and compassion to those in need around us.  Let’s start to spread love, joy, and faith today!God loves you guys

Uncle Star - joyful clown 

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Monday, February 22, 2010

Share Joyful heart to children at Pare Village - North Sumatera

Joyful Trip.
June 2009, God opened the opportunity for me to share HIS joyful heart to children at Pare Village. Pare Village is a beautiful suburb at North Sumatera. We used a small bus to reach Pare. The trip took 2-3 hours on the road to get the Village. Along the road to Pare, We could see so beautiful views, with lots of coconut trees everywhere. It was so amazing moment. I couldn't wait to meet the little ones there. On the way to Pare, some friends told me about the kids there. Most of the children at Pare have so little opportunity to get good education. They have to walk some Kilometers to find a school. My friends open a class there, where the little ones can learn something, specially learning about God's love to them. When we arrived to Pare, I could see many children gathering to welcome us. The called out some teachers' name. I met some children that asked me some questions, about who I was and where I came from. They felt so happy when I told them that I was a clown. They followed me to the backyard, where I changed my clown clothes and
prepared my make-up. The kept asking me about the clown. I could share some stories to them. I saw bright eyes, wide smile, and a joyful heart started to
be transfered to them. God was using so simple things to revealed HIMself through me. After couple minutes of preparations, it was the show time. All children (around 40-50 children) were so ready for the show. Even so moms and old ladies came to enjoy the clown show. I started with a simple magic trics. I asked if some of the have a necklace. A little girl, named Dewi, came forward to submit her necklace. I asked her to put into my magic bag. She was so surprice when I opened the magic bag and the necklace dissappeared. She almost cried, when I "made" the beautiful necklace became a bad face rock. Then I told her a story of CREATION DAY,

when God created so wonderful things. When Sin came, all beauty are gone. Sin put everything into darkness. The beautiful Necklace was became a bad face rock. But The savior came and saved. The necklace came back. She was so happy. I called the a smiling princess and gave her a flower baloon. The necklace was lost, but now it was found. Then I start to share a story using twisting baloon's techniques. I shared about how great is our God's love. The Master's love to all children around the Pare Village. It was so amazing.... A song called " Lord I love You, were played when I shared the story.

Everyone  was so quiet when I shared The Jesus' love Story. I could see some girls, sat at the back row, felt so sad. Tears came down from these little eyes. The love and Joy from the Lord touched their heart. God is love. The one who touched by God will be filled with HIS love and joy. These two are in one package of God's love. I could see tears, but I felt the

joyfulness too.

Look at the face !!!! look at the thirsty heart. Thirsty not for any water, but for love, acceptance, and peace. They live in a very small village. They have a little body, in the young ages. But God loves them so much. They are the apple of God's eyes, heritage of God's treasure.It's time to go home.... to a home of hope and love. A home where you can enjoy your daily life with the Lord. Enjoy your forever love with HIM.

I made a house from the baloons. I asked a boy to came forward, and I put him into the house. I told them all that we have a special home, that can keep us in love, joy, peace, and harmony. It's the house of God. He is inviting us to get closer and say "YES" to HIS invitation.

HOME OF HOPE ...... 
HOME OF JOY .........

In HIS Joy,
Uncle Star - Joyful clown 

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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Joyful heart for the street children

COMPASSION HEART. It was great to meet so many people in my life. But the most wonderful things in my life are when people around me start to smile with joyful heart. Street children are one important part of my life and calling. I feel so amazing when I'm around them. So many things we can do for them. I learn more about simplicity of life from them. I know, most of them have many sad and painful background. Some of them have no father. They just live with their mom on the street. Some of them have batter Father, being wounded by the father. Some of them have noone beside them. They have to live alone, going nowhere,sleeping everywhere, and thinking that they 
have no future at all. Some boys told me that at night, they feel so lonely. They have friends, but they have noone. They have no real family that can share love with them. They have so many hidden tears, that make their heart harder and harder everyday. Sometimes, they have to stay awake at night. They have to defend and beware of others street children. They have to face sexual abuse, physical abuse and emotional abuse in their young ages. It's a sad fact. They have noone to protect and guard their life. They have to fight for themselves. Since 2005, God put them in my heart. I struggled and prayed alot for this calling. Finally I said "yes" to the calling and start the street kids service until today. I play with them, share with them, and be their friend. I start from the underbridge children at Central Surabaya. Now We made a small community at the bus station and started our english and basic life skill class there. Touching moment, that some of them start to change. They learned about New Character of life and started to live in it too. Wonderful. Sometime, I share joy with them through my clowning service. I felt so amazing when I saw their face. They could laugh, smile, and even jump with joyful heart. I share HIS joy and compassion through baloon twistings, magic tricks, and even chocolate.

One of the boy, named Mamat. I knew him since 3-4 years before. One day he came and joined my clown show. He is 12 now. Years ago, he was so cool, didn't want to talk to anyone. I knew he had so many pains in life. But now, I could feel his heart. He start to feel the joyful heart. I shared God's love to him. That evening, I asked him to help me to performed my magic tric show. He was so excited and did it perfectly. We performed with my magic bag and he helped to hold my magic stuff. WOW.... God is so good. I can feel his excitement. Share joyful heart to many.... will make our joyful heart being known. God's love for all today.......

In love with the source of Compassion,
Rudy "Uncle Star" Tejalaksana

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The world is in crisis. It's hard to find real happiness everywhere. People used to try to find the happiness with all they can.They visit all entertainment place, go to mall - among the crowd, but they still can't find the real happiness. what is happiness ? is there real happiness in this wounded and lonely world ? many people doubt and think that there is no real happiness in life. Happiness is just a day dream of human being. Happiness is just a thinking, a hope that brings to nothing. Is there real happiness ? When I serve as a counselor, I found so many sadness and pesimism when my counselee talked about happiness. A young man (26 years olds), who've tried to kill himself about 3 times, said , "I don't believe that happiness is really exist". There are too much pains and suffers, World without hope.

These facts made me so sad. I got so many Joy when I walk my life with Jesus, my savior. But I know there are so many people that never experience the life I'm living on.
Year 2005, when the  Earthquake stumbled down Yogyakarta (Indonesia), I decided to help as a voluntary worker for the children. With many people, that came from many cities of Indonesia, gathered our works to help the traumatized children. We did so many things. They felt better after our service. But I still tried to find, what method was the best one... We tried with dolls, with Panggung boneka (puppet show). It worked at the time. Many children started to smiled. After 10 days worked as voluntaree, I went home to Surabaya. I was thinking so hard, that I should find more efective ways to share joys to others. Then I met couple old friends. They invited me to come to their Children Movers' Conference. The conference led me to a new perspective of sharing joy to others..... CLOWN things.... WOW... God moved my heart to started this service... BEING A CLOWN... never thought it before....
I started my clown training at 2006. I started with balooning. Then 2007 I learned about clowning. 2008, some Christian magicians taught me with their magic trics for Christ. I am still amaze to understand how God prepare me so bountiful and beautiful to share the love through clowning. 2010 is my second years to be a clown. I went to Aceh, Medan, Pare village, Padang, and so on to show and proof that .... THERE IS STILL HAPPINESS IN THIS WORLD.... It's the happiness in God. I call it JOYFUL HEART....
This is my mission, to help others to find the real happiness... help them to smile and laugh... even in tough time of life.... Would you pray and support me ??? SHARE JOY TO MANY TODAY....

In love with the SOURCE OF JOY,
Rudy "Uncle Star" Tejalaksana

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Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Hi Friends....

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I will come with lots of news from the red nose field around us....

Uncle star at Surabaya, Banyuwangi, Bali, Lombok, Medan, Aceh, Padang, etc...

Wait for the next stories.....

Red nose love,
Uncle Star

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